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 This section is going to be updated almost daily with my hosiery related thoughts, sightings, or whatever other brief comments that I think is worth sharing with you.
I am hoping that this section will be a reflection of the world through my eyes.
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August 4, 2012; Vancouver, Canada – Pride Parade!
My friends, in case you are wondering, I am a straight, but I am always so excited about this event because this is when people are free to be themselves.  We all are different in some way or another.
The highlight of my day was having a chance to pose for a photo with Jenna Talackova, a beauty pageant contestant that totally challenged the rules when she got dismissed for not being born a woman.
She is so tall!  I`m 170 cm, she`s 185 cm.  I wore the highest heels I had and added a fascinator hat for a taller illusion, but still, she is way taller.  When I came up to her, she said `let me strike a good pose for you`!
August 1, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I was wearing 20 den microfibre pantyhose from Fiore, but I must admit they didn’t look sheer.  It seemed as if I was wearing 30 den or even 40 den.  Could that be because I was wearing a larger size?  I usually take Medium, but this pair was in size Large.
I was at a formal event today and I was the only woman there in pantyhose.  Several senior ladies had knee socks on under long skirts and I noticed that when they sat down and the skirt hiked up to their knees.  I spoke to one lady and she asked me for what reason I wear pantyhose even in the summer.  It was hard to answer, the only thing that I could say to her that would make her understand is “professionalism”.
July 30, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I was wearing 8 den dark tan pantyhose with knee socks over it.  I always do that if my pantyhose is very sheer, like 8 den – it’s best to put on knee socks rather than get a run from wear and tear.
I don’t think that people even noticed that I was wearing pantyhose, but I got compliments on my socks.  Here is a picture for you that I took, it’s a self-portrait.  Imagine the position that I had to bend into in order to snap this picture at such an angle!
July 29, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
Today and yesterday I was wearing the same pair of grey microfibre 20 den pantyhose with red shorts and high heels.  Microfibre is very stretchy and soft, also very resistant.
I went to see some friends today and their greyhound puppy was jumping on my legs to play.  At some point I even thought to go take off the pantyhose so the dog doesn’t damage it, but to my surprise the claws didn’t seem to affect the fabric.
July 28, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I am keeping an eye on the Opening Ceremony, London 2012.  It reminds of Vancouver Olympics.  I really enjoyed that, our city was filled with new energy and visitors from all over the world.
Speaking of the Olympics, did you know that classmates teased John Orozco for “leaping around in ladies’ tights”?  He’s a masculine guy, but his peers would laugh at him – “are you going to be a woman in tights”?
Misty May-Treanor is about to play in a bikini.  But what it if it gets too cold?  Volleyball players are allowed to wear tights by the rules if temperature is below 16 Celsius!  Wouldn’t that be a lovely game to watch?  Well, I hope it’s the type of tights (or pantyhose, in North American English) that I am thinking about.
July 24, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I realize that I’ve got blisters on my foot from my outing in fishnet stockings.  I better think of that and bring some kind of extra hosiery in such cases if I feel that my feet are beginning to hurt.
However, I got to snap some pictures for you of an Asian lady who was wearing nude textured pantyhose with her sandals.  She was very classy.  If it wouldn’t be for the Asians, Vancouver for sure would lose 2/3 of its pantyhose sales!
July 22, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I went to visit my friend who is from Vietnam and I was wearing nude pantyhose and my Cassadei shoes.  I asked her for slippers, but she offered me flip flops.  Turns out that this is what they do, regardless whether the sock or pantyhose are designed for flip flops or not.  I had a story about such fashion in Vietnam earlier here.  This topic was brought up originally by The Man On The Lam, a travelling blogger here.
July 21, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
My friend called and suggested that we go to a club.  I put on a leather skirt and wore that same pantyhose with high stiletto heels for a night out with the girls.  I think I was the only woman there in pantyhose!
July 19, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
Wow, for the first time in my life I got to see real vintage stockings by Dupont!  15 den.  They are in fact for sale.  The owner of these is my friend from the timeline boutique in Gastown, Vancouver.
As for me, I was wearing body stockings under my clothes.  It looked like patterned pantyhose under my skirt, but in fact it was a top merged with stockings with suspender straps.
July 18, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I saw this girl on the street wearing some kind of hosiery (with a run in it) over the ankle paired with flip flops.  It’s hard to say here, would you call this toeless pantyhose or over the ankle leggings?
On the other note: I also would like to say that I am trying to create a fan page on facebook and I am not too sure what I am doing.  If anyone of you actually has a successful fan page, do you mind giving me a few tips in a private  e-mail?

Rachel Zoe herself in black opaque pantyhose.
July 17, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I’ve been reading a book by a fashion stylist Rachel Zoe from US.  Well, all girls there are with bare legs while dressed in evening gowns.
Hosiery is not addressed at all, only “pack it for winter holiday vacation” section and there is a reference to fishnets (black and beige) that should always be on hand.
I grew up thinking that evening wear should be paired with hosiery.  At least it’s impolite otherwise.  Well, I guess etiquette is changing.  Sadly.

July 16, 2012; 
Seattle, United States (state of Washington)
I went for my regular visit to United States.  My outfit consisted of a fluffy skirt and black fishnet stay up stockings.  It was kind of hot outside, so I decided to wear fishnets for ventilation.
I went to one of my favourite spots – designer store by Elie Tahari.  I was surprised to see a pair of golden “shorts” there that looked like panties!  I couldn’t believe it, I decided to try it on and take a photo.  Later I asked the staff about it and they said that in the catalog it is paired with opaque black pantyhose.
July 15, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
“Should I wear a garter belt?” – I ask my guy before going out  to see friends.  ”No, do you see how THEY dress?” – he’s got a point, I’ll look way too fancy with a skirt.  OK, so I play it down a little, I wear 8 den tan pantyhose with shorts and keds.
I don’t this, but sometimes I’d like to dress up nicely – high heels and a dress.  But where to go in such attire?  Now even in most expensive restaurants I see people coming in casual wear.
If I dress up, I find that people stare at me as if I am in a costume.  That’s usually the story when I go across the border to United States.
July 13, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I was wearing blue stockings today (stay up, 40 den) with a leather skirt and zebra print shoes.  I had people commenting on it, so I felt good about putting some effort into my outfit.
I also headed to the Asian area to day and saw a lot of women in pantyhose.  I think this population loves pantyhose the most!
In Asian shopping malls here almost every store carries some type of hosiery.
July 12, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
Today I wore black sheer pantyhose despite the heat – finally, summer is here!  I see almost every single hosiery blog talking about Lady Gaga, but I’d like to present you with a more tasteful topic.
Here is a magazine cover of Elle China featuring pantyhose by Jean Paul Gaultier 2012 collection.  I find this image very captivating and this fancy hosiery completes the outfit so well.  In fact, it looks like it is the main piece in this composition.
If you search for it, you’ll find more images of this wonderful hosiery modeled by Shu Pei & Kiki Kang, photography by Mark Pillai.

Yes, I love posing with fire hydrants!
July 11, 2012; Vancouver, Canada (still!)
Today I was wearing 15 den sheer pantyhose with a lace control top all day.   At first I wore it with leopard print knee socks and flats since I had to do walk a lot during the day.
But later on I went to the movies, so instead of changing the whole outfit, I just took off my knee socks, put on high heels, and a shorter fluffier skirt.  Sheer pantyhose and high heels right away made my outfit look much more dressy.
July 10, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I was talking to a mature (50+) lady about vintage stockings and garter belts.  She still remembers wearing those and she remembers the time when pantyhose just came out.
I even asked her about her mom’s hosiery preference – turns out that her mother had a lazy streak to her, so instead of wearing a garter belt, she’d just tie stockings below the knee and wear it as knee socks under long skirts.  Her daughter frowned upon that, she said that those knots at the knees were not sexy!
I’d really like to find a pair of real silk stockings some day… I asked at Wolford and it turns out that I am not the first one asking this.  Does anyone know where to find it?
July 9, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
Today I am staying at home, doing some work.  No fancy outfits!  It’s a regular Monday and even hosiery queens like me need to relax from time to time.
July 8, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I’ve done a photoshoot in blue stockings!  This is a small preview for you.  Of course, as some of you may know my love for swimming, the final stage of this photoshoot was in the water at a public beach.  I paraded into the waters of Pacific Ocean in this fancy outfit and I almost lost a shoe as a result.
I was in the mood for this kind of look because as you may know through Twitter, I am gathering some material for an article about “blue stockings” – a figure of speech that originated in Europe.  Of course, soon I’ll post more photos for you to look at!

I am holding a daisy between my knees.
July 5, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
What a lovely sunny day!  I decided to do something that usually never crosses my mind, but today it did – to wear shorts and pantyhose as a casual look, thanks to Hosiery Advocate.  (Is he reading this?)
I went for a walk on the beach wearing white shorts, white 40 den pantyhose, and white keds.  People were turning heads!  Later on I went to see a friend, but this time in a somewhat more dressy attire – red dress, white pantyhose, and black flats.
I am beginning to really like white!  It’s so rare that people can’t help but notice it.
July 4, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
My dear American neighbours, Happy Indepence Day!
I am taking a break from pantyhose today, I wore cotton leggings instead with 40 den  socks under.  It was my first time trying those leggings.  Usually I wear pantyhose,  but for some practical reasons today I needed to go out in keds, so I wore leggings instead with a long top that covers the hips.
July 2, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
Yes, I am having a bad day!  My new shoes rip up my pantyhose.  I am upset, it’s not the first pair of hose that got damaged like that – all on the heels.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to what’s wrong.
I also brought up today the subject of hosiery with a hispanic lady.  She was in fact very surprised that I was wearing pantyhose because to her it looked as if I was with bare legs.  I made a comment that it wouldn’t be professional for me to show up to work with bare legs.  To my surprise she wasn’t at all aware that there is a requirement for hosiery in professional dress code.
July 1, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
Happy Canada Day!   I thought of wearing red stockings, but figured that I’d rather wear a red shirt as my Canada Day colour highlight.  Today I am wearing fishnet pantyhose with sheer beige pantyhose underneath.  Nobody can really tell that there is a second layer, but it feels much nicer on the legs.

June 30, 2012 ; Vancouver, Canada
I wonder who’s got more nerve than me when it comes to asking women to take a  photo of their legs…  I walked into the elevator with two young women and one of them was wearing these shiny pantyhose.  I complimented her right away and I told her that I run a hosiery blog.
She was very nice and allowed me to take a photo.  Imagine, the elevator was full of people, and there I am, asking her to pose for me.  Another lady who just walked in was like “what’s going on here?”.  Anyway, I had to snap this photo in a matter of seconds considering that this was during an elevator ride.  There is a saying “elevator speech”, so this is my “elevator photoshoot”.  But for sure it worked my communication skills to the max!

June 29, 2012: Vancouver, Canada
Rainy day!  Again!  Where’s summer?  Well, that’s Vancouver for you.
I snapped a picture of this Asian girl crossing the street with her dog and her boyfriend.  It is very common to see Asian girls here wearing pantyhose with shorts or skirts and flats.

June 28, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
It is so rare to see white pantyhose!  I like it, I even did a photoshoot like that for fun with 40 den white pantyhose.
I coincidentally sat beside this lady on the train.  Of course, I really wanted to take a photo for you, so I discreetly snapped a picture without a flash.  Later on today I saw another woman walking on the street in whtie opaque pantyhose.   Two sightings in one day.

June 27, 2012; Vancouver, BC
I sometimes see pantyhose & keds combination, but I really dislike the look of that.  For example, except or this one, today I also saw two Asian girls going in beautiful patterned pantyhose, skirts, and keds.
Shorts and pantyhose is a very common look in Vancouver.  I see mostly Asian women doing that and rarely Caucasians.  I guess because Japan is right across the ocean from Vancouver, we get some fashion influence from there.

 June 26, 2012; Bellingham, United States
I went for my monthly shopping trip to Bellingham in Washington State, not far from Canadian border.
Well, everytime I go to US, I try to dress up nice.  This time I decided to wear my Cassadei high heel shoes and a garter belt with sheer stockings.
It all seemed like a beautiful idea, until my garter belt began to detach.  During my day trip it unclipped 9 times, I counted!   I even got some housewives whispering behind me at Target and I could hear that they are saying the word “stockings” because the back clip on one of the legs went undone and my welt slightly dropped past the hem of my skirt.
Last time I wore a garter belt on Valentine’s day I had a similar story, however the straps did not unclip, it was the belt itself that stretched and almost fell past my hips.  Ready the full story HERE.

June 25, 2012;  Surrey, Canada (1 hour away from Vancouver)
I went to the women’s group and I posted for a picture with a Mary Kay consultant.  Well, the photo could’ve been taken by a more skilled person, but at least I got something to show you.  I was wearing patterned pantyhose with a geometric curved line and the other lady was wearing textured pantyhose with vertical lines along the leg.  As you may read in one of my previous articles, Mary Kay consultants are required to wear hosiery as part of their uniform.

June 24, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
Today I was in a rush.  It was early in the morning and I didn’t have time for pantyhose.  I had to be somewhere and I didn’t want to be late, so I opted for pants and sling back leopard print shoes.
However, as I was about to walk out the door, I realized that I wasn’t wearing any kind of hosiery on my feet.  It wouldn’t be nice to go with bare feet if it would be required to take off the shoes.
Well, I grabbed some knee socks and ran out the door with them in my purse.  The bus stop was empty, so I took of my sling back shoes and started putting on knee socks while waiting for the bus.  I was hoping that nobody would see me do that how I am getting dressed in public.

June 15, 2012; Vancouver, Canada -  I returned!  It’s going to be a while after I get through everything that piled up while I was away.
Grey and rainy.  I feel like I went a season backwards after my stay in California.  Today I wore patterned pantyhose with a fun, youthful spirit.  I had to go out and my stylish pantyhose was all soaked from the rain after I got back.
However, I plucked some field flowers as I was walking on the beach from the water taxi (little boat that takes people from one end of the shore to the other).  I figured that perhaps having those bright coloured flowers at home might make me feel a little bit more cheerful.

June 12, 2012; San Francisco, United States
One more time, I was instructed by my guy not to wear pantyhose because of the heat in Livermore, California.  I complied, but put a pair in my purse anyway just in case.  Of course, as soon as we ended up San Francisco beside the breezy harbour, it got much colder.
I went to the washroom and put on some hose.  It was a pair Neon 40 Wolford in cosmetic shade and I noticed that some people would even turn heads.  Is it so rare to see a woman in shiny pantyhose here?

June 10, 2012; Livermore, United States (1 hr drive from San Francisco)
“Take off your pantyhose, you’ll suffer otherwise” – that came from my guy who went outside  for a few minutes to the car.  OK, fine, I took it off.  Indeed, it was very hot outside.  Unlike San Francisco, this place was not breezy.  I managed to wear nude 20 den pantyhose to a formal event despite the heat, but to my surprise I was the only one wearing it except for a few older Chinese ladies.

June 8, 2012;  Warsaw, Poland
Soccer 2012!  What a spirit here – tourists came from all over the world to share the excitement of UEFA 2012 championship.
This country is full of women in beautiful clothing with beautiful  hosiery.  They also have a lot of hosiery manufacturers here – I keep on spotting local brands in stores.  Of course, I can’t keep myself from buying it.
But my visit to Poland is very intense, so I hardly have the time for blogging or photography.

June 1, 2012:  Kiev, Ukraine
OK, I better work on my itinerary next time so I don’t end up in Ukraine twice in less than a month.  As I was waiting for security check, I noticed a beautiful woman walk by in a sporty outfit and in shiny pantyhose.  I later saw her at Duty Free – turns out she was the Malboro Promo girl.  It was very kind of her to allow me to take a photo.
This can only probably happen in Ukraine because according to what I’ve read recently, in United States some universities may ban smoking on their territory all together, meaning no cigarettes outside of the building or on campus benches, and so on.

May 27, 2012: St. Petersburg, Russia
I see a stairwell with signs on it saying “pantyhose, pantyhose, pantyhose”.  It leads to a store full of hosiery from Europe.
I think that it’s only possible in this part of the world to have the word ”pantyhose” used as a bait to lure in women for shopping.
Eastern Europe is a heaven on earth when it comes to pantyhose.  You can read more about my visit here.

May 26, 2012;  St. Petersburg, Russia
I managed to snap a quick picture of a lady wearing beige pantyhose with knee sock imitation design.  The most interesting thing, she’s a mom!  Doesn’t matter, married, single, or with kids, these women go in mini skirts and pantyhose on the street without a problem.  It doesn’t in any way mean that they are not serious women, it’s just the culture that allows women to show off their legs.  “Married” doesn’t equal “Frigid”.  Full story HERE.

May 25, 2012;  St. Petersburg, Russia
I am lucky that WamInStyle team has some of their models there, including one of their photographers.  Artem (photographer) and Marta (model) meet me and showed me around.  It was really hot, so I dipped my feet into a fountain in public while still wearing knee socks!  They dried really fast.
This fountain has some history to it because this is where military students jump for a swim in the summer on the Day of Aviation, or something of that sort.  Well, they even say that police makes it legal for only that day to swim in fountains.

May 23, 2012,  Kiev, Ukraine
I got to see a Barbie girl at the airport, waiting for her flight.  She was wearing all pink and nude pantyhose with her platform shoes.  From the photos I took I later noticed that she had an engagement ring.  Was she going to meet Ken?
She was the highlight of my day!

May 21, 2012:  Toronto, Canada
I walked into a shoe store, John Fluevog, and I was pleasantly greeted by a young woman in very cool pantyhose.  I couldn’t help it but start talking to her about it.  She turned out to like it as much as I do, according to her she “lives in tights”.
Unfortunately she had a run on the sheer part of her pantyhose on the top, so I asked her to turn a little bit in order not to show it.  I also gave her an idea to cut off the sheer part and turn the rest into cool over the knee socks, just so that she doesn’t waste that beautiful pair.  Turns out she’s got a whole bunch of that same style at home – she stocked up.

April 22, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I put on Wolford Neon 40 in dark grey!  Wow, they are amazing, very shiny and durable.  You can view more photos and the full story HERE.
Thank you to David from Canada for sending it to me!

April 1, 2012;
 Vancouver, Canada
I tried Wolford pantyhose for the first time ever!  This was my very first time opening a pair and putting it on, touching it, caressing it, realizing that one of my small dreams came true.
Thank you to David from Canada for this gift.  It’s not just pantyhose, it’s an experience that I’ll never forget.  The same day I went outside to show off my pantyhose and get some photos taken.  I also played a small joke on my parents since it is April 1st!  Read the full story HERE.
March 13, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I was wearing these Gianmarco Lorenzi stiletto shoes, 40 den pantyhose, and a fluffy skirt on the weekend out to a sushi restaurant.
I love the way diamond-look writing on pantyhose matches with the buckles on my half boots.

March 10, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
I couldn’t wait to try on these ones.  I opened the package at midnight and wore these pantyhose for a few minutes before bed just to try it out and see what they feel like.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so eager to try on a pair of pantyhose.  It must be the colour!  Turquoise beauty, reminding me of my wonderful trip to Cancun in January.  These are nice and bright, but they are still 80 den, thus putting up some resistance to the cold weather still lingering in Vancouver.
I also noticed that these pantyhose in fact can be reversible.  If I turn it inside out, I’ll get blue stripes on grey.  Of course, the seams are not flat on the inside, so that means there will be limitations with clothing that I can wear over it (no thin fitted dresses, for example).

Feb 13, 2012; Vancouver, Canada
 Today was a really nice spring day in Vancouver. I decided to go out in taupe pantyhose (looks like tan because it’s so sheer) and my new black over the knee socks with a fun frilly patterned skirt. It looked really nice.
Asian girls here wear this a lot, but they usually go with running shoes instead of heels. I, of course, only wear running shoes when I go running, so I wore open toe stiletto shoes with the outfit.
Dec 23, 2011; Vancouver, Canada
I saw this lady at the make up counter.  Right away, I gave her a compliment and asked to take a photo.  She was quite pleased and mentioned that usually she also have fancy shoes on, but today she put on comfortable ones for shopping.   I love pantyhose with Lurex and diamond-look gems.  In fact, I have several styles myself that I always get compliments on.  Of course, I also wore it for the holiday parties.  As soon as people see it, they want to buy one like that too right away.

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